Bitcoin Trader Review


The Bitcoin era is here, and many investors are taking it in their own hands to test out various methods when it comes to making the most return on their investment. One of the most popular and newest introductions to the market is an app that’s formally known as Bitcoin Trader.

Created by none other than Gary Roberts in 2017, the Bitcoin Trader software developed to help buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin according to market trends. This is a tough market but it’s also one of the more lucrative markets performing at heights not seen before. It could be a great tool for beginners since according to their website, all one must do is invest and enable auto-trade function.

There are many claims about what bitcoin trader has achieved including but not limited to being featured on Shark Tank as well as Dragons Den. Not to mention, it’s even said to have generated more success than its competitors. Are these claims true or is it just another hoax?

They say there’s only one way to find out, and we took it upon ourselves to embrace it as we bring the truth to light with this exclusive Bitcoin Trader review. With the Bitcoin industry on fire, and generating the raves it has, it was only fair to do so, and we felt that it would either bring forward opportunity or let the myth be crumbled once and for all.

Cut to the chase, how legit Bitcoin Trader is really?

When it comes to investing, automated strategies do have the potential to bring forward unique advantages to the investors who embrace them. The key is for the software to be able to harness the most reliable data available. When this is done, human emotions, the need to understand the ways of the market, and days of industry research is virtually eliminated.

With such a great advantage, there are many approaches out there designed to dupe investors to gain a profit rather than do so while producing results. Many have claimed that it’s a sham, but is this really the case or is it something that’s once again misinterpreted?

As one of the industry’s leading Bitcoin robots currently on the market, it’s safe to say this app has proven its worth time and time again since its debut in 2017. In fact, it serves as one of the greatest examples of where people stretch the truth in order to deter them to a solution that pays them higher commissions for those whom one refers.

When we speak of this, we speak of nothing other than fabricated stories where people claim to be spammed in order to get them to sign up for this application. These stories are crafted so well, that they are often believed by just about everyone that reads them. However, with its track record and our hands-on review of the app, it’s safe to say that it really couldn’t get further from the truth.

At the end of the day, this is a legit application for investing in the cryptocurrency market. Regardless of what fairy tales are published, it continues to prove that it does have potential. The main thing is that the right settings need to be used, just like with any other piece of modern tech meant to enhance the way that we invest and see results.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Like Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution, and Cryptosoft, Bitcoin Trader covered in this review is a piece of software developed to make automatic purchases of Bitcoin within minutes of critical market changes. After setting the app up to do this, the end-user literally must do nothing further. All the investing is done without any input being needed from your end, making it the “hands off” approach that can deliver the results that many have only dreamed of until they embraced the power of automatic invested fueled by modern tech.

New members will be happy to find out that daily payouts are made available. Also, unlike cryptocurrency trading is done strictly by humans, it eliminates the need to spend countless hours doing research and analyzing market trends in order to make the most logical decisions possible. On top of that, the use of human emotion (which can work against your success rather than for it) becomes eliminated in its entirety. Your investment moves are solely based on what the market is doing, the history of the market, and using the changes to your advantage as they happen.

This app was developed for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of investors who want the simplest and most straightforward way of investing in binary options. Human nature has hurt the investments of many, but the world has become more and more automated over the years. This embracement of automation has led to great change. Change that wouldn’t have been possible without the usage of automated technology.

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

This might seem like an overly complex way to invest in crypto, but it’s not. Yes, it’s sophisticated and many will shy away from it due to how complicated it may seem on the surface, but those are the ones not willing to invest the time needed to unveil what this piece of technology has to offer them. Therefore, they didn’t deserve the profits it could rake in for them anyways.

The first thing that you’ll need to understand is that during the initial setup, the settings that the user selects will determine the behavior of the application. Pay close attention to these as it will have an overall effect all the way to the end. This is what one usually fails to understand in the beginning and it’s honestly what has led many to fail with auto-investing right out of the gate.

Now keep in mind that any type of investment is a risk, and there’s not any way around it regardless of which avenue you decide to take. Many people like to think investing is a guaranteed way to make their money grow, but there’s always going to be more than what appears on the surface. If you go into the cryptocurrency market with this state of mind, you won’t end up being disappointed.

How much does Bitcoin Trader app cost?

SPOILER ALERT: Free. Not a dime. Zilch.

That’s right, unlike a lot of similar apps, they aren’t hitting you right where it hurts (in the pocketbook) and it’s a great change. Especially since a lot of developers make it their mission to take as much money from you as they can in order to fill their pockets.

It’s the developers wanting to deliver great change that isn’t worried about money in the first place. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest trendsetters will even tell you that they don’t worry about how much anything costs. This ultimately means that they are looking at the change they can bring the world rather than the change they stack up in their piggy banks.

That’s without mentioning that a lot of automated trading solutions come with hidden charges and fees that do nothing but try to give investors a heart attack when they look at their financial summary. With this specific cryptocurrency application, these types of things are non-existent. No broker fees, commissions, or sign-up fees are charged just the way it should have been the whole time.


Getting Started with Automated Trading

So, you’ve heard all the ranting and raving about the crypto market and all the people who’ve gotten rich by investing. Now you feel that it’s time to get yourself a piece of the action, and none of us here can blame you for it! After all, that’s what led us to discover our love for Bitcoin in the first place!

You’ve found the right place if the previous statement hits close to home for you. Of course, since we’re reviewing a specific app, we’re going to focus on its signup process rather than bombarding you with all the different options and methods available in this modern-day and age. So, without further ado, let’s get to it so you can get on your way to making what could be the investment of a lifetime, shall we?

On the official website you’ll notice a registration form. This is where all the magic happens that leads you to the fun times of crypto investing that you’ve been waiting for. Don’t worry, it’s not overly complex, it’s so simple that it breaks down into 3 straightforward steps.

  1. Your first step is to let the robot know who you are. Just enter your full name as well as your email address and submit it by clicking on the button.
  2. Now that you’ve submitted the first part of the form, it’s time for you to choose a secure password (using a combination of both letters as well as numbers). Just enter it on the form and click on the button once again, just like you did on the first page.
  3. Finally, you’ll have the last step of the registration process before you. This is where you let the robot know what country you reside in as well as a phone number that can be used to link your account as well as contact you directly if there’s a need to do so. Once you enter that information, click on the button labeled “Register Now.”

Once you’ve successfully completed the registration process, you can log in to your account using the details that were provided initially. You won’t be eligible for live trading until you make your initial deposit. The minimum amount is 250 euros but be aware that any money deposited into any form of investment account (whether cryptocurrency, forex, or something else) comes with its own set of risks. Don’t think that investing will bring home a guaranteed win instantly.

Just to clarify things beforehand, there are multiple payment options that are accepted in order to fund your account. Don’t worry, the process is highly secure and utilizes SSL to ensure that investors don’t put their financial information at risk when making the deposit. Credit cards are the form of payment that can be used and accepted credit card types include MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa.

The best approach to take when getting familiar with any type of trading platform is to give it a try in demo mode before you start spending up your cash. The reason for this is that it provides one with the opportunity to see what the trading process is like without using their actual money (since one wrong move could lead to a significant loss if one’s unfamiliar with how it works in the beginning).

Just because you choose to give it a try in demo mode doesn’t mean that you’ll be limited in terms of functionality. You simply set an amount to use in demo mode and once the demo balance is depleted, you can start using actual funds to start trading in real-time for real profits.

Once you get the feel for the platform, you’ll have the ability to take off the training wheels so to speak. This is where the action is as real as you can get. Changing the setting to suit your taste is critical, this includes but isn’t limited to how much you want to spend with each trade, your daily trading limit, and desired amount of daily profit.

All too often, investors get too comfortable when they start seeing a return on their investment deposited into their account(s). This is one of the worst mistakes that one could make when it comes to the investment scene. Always stay on top of the latest cryptocurrency news, tips from experts, etc. in order to ensure that you are always harnessing the industry’s full potential.

  • Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam

  • High Profit Ratio

  • Easy & Fast Withdrawals

  • Works also via App☑

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The Benefits of Bitcoin Trader App

All major credit cards accepted

As it was mentioned in the previous section, all the major credit cards most commonly used are accepted when it comes to making a deposit. This means that the odds of you having a supported card in your wallet or purse are in your favor.

Automatic selection of cryptocurrency brokers

No need to get overwhelmed with the numerous cryptocurrency brokers out there. This app will select the right ones that are able to fulfill your investment needs. While this takes away from the opportunity to choose your own, it could very well be for the better.

Lightning-fast trading done the right way

Rather than being slowed down by the human brain, things are aligned within seconds of opportunities coming to the surface. This means that you could uncover one of the most lucrative opportunities you've ever had the chance to get your hands on.

No complex deposit methods and speedy payouts

Payouts are usually distributed within hours of being requested. While most companies will overcomplicate the process of depositing and withdrawing funds, this isn't something embraced by this robotic trader. Instead, simplicity is embraced.

No fees or hidden charges like most crypto robots

A lot of automated investing approaches come with broker fees as well as other hidden charges. Not when you take this route though, as everything from signup to investing is free of charge. Say goodbye to those unnecessary fees you didn't want to pay anyways.

Precision that's critical to yield the best success ever seen

At the time of writing this review, no competing apps came close to matching the accuracy that this route offers. With a 99.4% accuracy rate, it's safe to say that this is one of the most elite options available to you today.

Straightforward user experience makes things easy

There are a lot of trading platforms that have complex control panels, but it's clearly designed for beginners over at BT. This means you'll be able to navigate your account easily, perform trades as quickly as possible, and eliminate the headaches of poor design in the user interface.

Trendsetting customer service provides the help one needs

No matter what time you may need help, day or night, this is one automatic crypto trading solution that comes with a highly skilled support team waiting for when you need them the most. That's right, they have ensured you have a proper support channel and others say it too.

Verification doesn't involve jumping through hoops

Instead of having to spend days trying to verify your identity, they identify everything they need to know via the credit card you use to fund your account. Gone are the days of complex verification processes to make room for days to make investing online a breeze.

The Truth About the

This is heard about all too often, and it’s too rampant as many craft stories that are inaccurate to help “substantiate” their picks for competing apps that would yield them the most commissions. However, there are still a few crypto investing experts like the ones on the team here who are dedicated to bringing the truth to light. Now and in the future as well.

Just like any other form of investment, you must be wise about how much is invested as well as the approaches that you embrace. Aside from false stories designed to persuade investors to use a competing bitcoin app, there are also stories shared by others who weren’t wise about the way that they did things. Sometimes this is simply due to making their initial investment too high and not paying attention to how their investment funds were being used.

Unfortunately, this is all too common in today’s world. Many people overlook the fact that their failure or setbacks were a direct effect on the actions that they made themselves. Then they lay the blame on everyone else but the true source of the issues. This happens to be one of those cases, so it’s important that we let you know that it shouldn’t influence whether you deem this application worth the time it takes to give it a try. You never know, it could very well yield the best results that you’ve ever seen in terms of investment strategies.

If you use common sense and make wise decisions, this route could very well be the source of unexpected success. After all, it has proven to produce great yields that are unparalleled when compared to other cryptocurrency trading apps.

The Bottom Line: How It Adds Up

While it has had to prevail over many misconceptions published online, being able to close in on its third year isn’t the easiest feat by any means. With the amount of work that they put in over the years to develop a cutting-edge Bitcoin trading platform, they deserve to get the attention they’ve received here. It’s one of the better options out there on the market today, especially for beginners. Of course, this wouldn’t be said if it didn’t have investors sharing their upbeat experiences, which we uncovered at the time of writing this review to ensure its authenticity.